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letter of recommendationStruggling with proofreading personal statement? Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Timing and organisation can be one of the hardest parts of the application process and it can seem like suddenly a few weeks becomes just a few days. Our best personal statement editing services can take the pressure off you by helping with some personal statement editing, advice for proofreading, editing, proofreading and formatting to save you time.

Who hasn’t been well over the word limit and wished they had used personal statement proofreading services? Word limits can prove a frustrating part of your proofreading so help with double checking by formatting and proofreading can prove invaluable in bringing that word count down. Are you worried about your ability to punctuate, spell and avoid cliches effectively? No need with online personal statement services such as ours! With personal statement proofreading services available you can be sure your personal statement will be just right.

Our Personal Statement Proofreading Services

So what can we do for you? Many people brush off the idea of using a personal statement editing service for fear of high costs or poor quality work. You don’t have to worry about that with our online personal statement editing, though. It’s not without good reason that we are the best personal statement proofreading service around! Have a look at the services we offer and see if we can change your mind.


Our best personal statement editing services are here to save you time and hassle by proofreading pieces of text for you. Whatever proofreading you need help with, be it one paragraph or several our team are here to help you. Proofreading statements can take a good few hours, if not days, to perfect but with our online personal statement editing your work will be done in no time at all. You can be sure our work has been double checked thoroughly and will be grammatically correct by the best personal statement proofreader service.


Are you struggling with personal statement editing? Our experienced, professional proofreaders can help with that! A little of our personal statement editing service and you can be sure that results will come your way in no time. We can double check and go through your work for clarity, conciseness and readability to make sure you are completely happy with your work. This will save you not only time but also stress. Editing is a frustrating process, particularly when you have spent so long proofreading in the first place. An extra pair of eyes can make a real difference so why not have a professional, qualified proofreader do the editing for you? With our online personal statement editing acceptance into your dream school is a piece of cake.


We can go through your work, double-checking for grammar, spelling and punctuation to make sure you give a great first impression to admissions committees. Your personal statement is often one of the first opportunities a potential employer or professor will get you. Therefore it is really important to give a good first impression and a properly proofread personal statement is essential to that! Our talented proofreaders’ help could set you on your way to submitting a great personal statement to set you apart from your competitors. Enjoy the confidence our personal statement proofreading services will give you when you hand in your work.


Troubled by the idea of formatting your personal statement? Are you worried one false move will set you back by weeks? We can make sure your formatting is right, potentially making the difference between successful admission and a rejection. In the right hands, formatting takes no time at all. If your hands aren’t the right ones then one of our trained proofreaders’ will be! Whether you are happy with your work or not, using our personal statement editing service will save you the stress of worrying whether or not your statement is in the right format.

Additional services

Plagiarism reports are a great way to double check your work to avoid plagiarism-based rejections from college admissions committees.

Proofreading Personal Statement Made Easy

resumeSome companies specialise in particular proofreading for academia. It is worth considering what you need and therefore who to get it from as some will suit your needs better than others. For example, we focus on personal statements where others may specialise in dissertations.

Depending on where you are from will also affect which company you use as the US and UK English differ plenty before you even consider other languages. Some companies even offer research work which can save you huge amounts of time. With the research about your chosen school already documented for you, proofreading your personal statement is easy! Plus, we can help you with your letter of recommendation as well.

With our personal statement proofreading services you never have to worry about proofreading a top quality statement again. Proofreading a personal statement for college, an admission essay or resume can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. Take some of the strings out of these time-consuming projects by handing over some work to our personal statement editing service and our professional proofreaders will have your work ready to go in no time.

Get top marks with our personal statement proofreading services!

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