How Our Personal Statement Proofreader Service Works

one-on-one coachingOur guide will help you understand the process of getting help with personal statement proofreading from a personal statement editor. Our talented professional proofreaders have been in your shoes. They fully understand the implications of submitting a poorly written or edited statement so they are keen to help you via direct communication. That is just one of the great things about our personal statement proofreader service. We offer proofreading, editing, formatting and proofreading services so you can get help proofreading a personal statement. Our deadline guarantees and free plagiarism checks should give you confidence in the quality of our proofreading and that your work will be delivered in plenty of time. Keep reading to get low-down on ordering process from our personal statement proofreading services.

Steps for Ordering through Our Personal Statement Proofreader Service

Our ordering process is designed to be quick and easy for you. We know you don’t need any extra hassle of lengthy ordering and ambiguous pricing. We want you to know you are getting a great deal from day one. Let’s look into how you can order from our personal statement proofreading services and hire a personal statement editor.

Place your order

Before you hire a proofreader for a personal statement, we need some contact details first and foremost. We want you to be easily able to request changes, make suggestions or ask questions without any hassle.

Once your contact details have been entered you can tell us what level of proofreading your statement is for and when the deadline is. We highly recommend you set our deadline at least a few days before your actual deadline. While we stand by our deadline guarantee this gives you time to go over the work and make sure you are completely happy with it.

Next, you can put in what services you need. This might not just be professional personal statement proofreading services or one-on-one coaching; you can include as many options as you want. Make sure you include the word count and whether it is proofreading or editing you need. Your total will be counted up there and then so you can get a free quote whenever you like!

We also offer coaching sessions of varying lengths with one of our professional proofreaders. This gives you the opportunity to discuss any applications or essays you are struggling with as well as asking any general questions you might have.

Make a payment

Payment is the next step. We ensure secure payment through credit card so you can be confident that your money is safe. We offer a range of discounts including on first and larger orders. Consider whose name you want to have written the work, if you want to put a name then you can with a small increase in price.

Recieve an email confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation of your order almost immediately. This should alleviate any concerns that your money has disappeared and you won’t receive any work! With our confirmations, you can be sure that everything you paid for will arrive when you need it.

Direct communication

We encourage direct communication between you and your personal proofreader. It shouldn’t be difficult to chat with your proofreader and make suggestions or ask questions so we aim to make your life easier. You can talk via Skype or Email and this gives you the opportunity to request changes or ask for advice whenever you need it. Our team have been in your position before so they aim to help you as much as they can. They know as well as anyone that it is a scary process but being able to chat makes it a whole lot less stressful! You will have the opportunity to discuss the draft where you can help with editing personal statement if you choose, or sit back, relax and let our professionals tidy up.

Review the first draft

Your proofreader will submit a first draft for you to look over and have a discussion about. This allows you to request any changes, point out any mistakes (not even our talented proofreaders are infallible!) and ask any questions about the first draft. Together you can put together a final piece you can be proud of.

Get the final document

Having finished editing the first draft your proofreader will send over the final document for you to peruse. If you have any issues with quality or deadlines then our advice team are always on hand to discuss any queries you might have. The likelihood is, though, that you will walk away with a high-quality piece that will wow your admissions committee without the stress and hassle of spending hours organising and editing.

Learn How to Hire a Proofreader for Personal Statement

direct communicationWith our personal statement proofreader service, you never have to worry about proofreading a personal statement for computer science or any other career you choose. Proofreading a personal statement for college, an admission essay or resume can be extremely stressful and time-consuming. Take some of the strings out of these difficult and frustrating projects by handing over some work to our personal statement editor and our professional proofreaders will have your work ready to go in no time. You can rely on our great guarantees to get your work finished before your chosen deadline and be sure it is high quality. Enjoy knowing your work is on its way without the stress of last minute editing and endless research. Get the online editing personal statement really deserves!

Trust our personal statement proofreader service to get the job done right!

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