How to Proofread a Graduate School Personal Statement

Why Knowing How to Proofread a Graduate School Personal Statement Is Important

Getting into the grad school of your preferred choice will involve the completion of many documents, the most important of which will be the completion of a personal statement. Understanding how to proofread a graduate school personal statement should be the first priority of anyone who is going through the process of proofreading one but many people often just go blindly ahead and produce a document that is often of little use in aiding their application. Just by understanding medical school personal statement requirements can go a long way to helping you complete a powerful one which gets the attention of a review board and gives your application a better chance of success.

This is why many people look for a professional personal statement proofreader service that can guide them in their efforts and show what kind of information should be included. The right kind of guidance to completing a good personal statement for graduate school can bolster an application if you haven’t done so well in your LSAT or GMAT exams, giving you an opportunity to explain why with any extenuating circumstances. By using our experts to show you how to start a graduate school personal statement and include essential information to make you stand out, you give yourself the best chance possible to get into your preferred school.


What Will I Need to Apply to Graduate School?

Applying to graduate school can be a tricky process but as long as you follow the instructions set out in any material you have received or on a college’s website, you shouldn’t have too many problems. Many will use an online portal to process the application for them which makes it easier for you as you are then able to use one application for many schools. The minimum requirements for graduate school will differ slightly between each one but they will all want:

  • The Completed application
  • Personal Statement
  • Transcripts
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • GRE
  • TOEFL/IELTS (if English is not your first language)
  • Application Fee and Waivers
  • Paper Credentials and Other Documentation
  • School-specific criteria for admission

Professional Help with What to Include in a Graduate School Personal Statement

Proofreading a graduate school personal statement is a similar exercise to completing an essay for a high school assignment. The only difference being the subject being all about you, you would think this would make things so much easier but being able to brag about yourself is a lot harder than you think. To get you started on the right path, our experts have put together some tips on proofreading graduate school personal statement which can help to propel it to new heights and get the all-important attention of a review board:

  • Begin by planning out what you intend to include. If a specific question has been asked then this will take priority but otherwise, you will need to include such things as what first inspired you to want to follow this particular subject and why do you want to further your study in it at this particular institution.
  • Do some research on the program you want to attend and the institution it is based in. This shows a review board that you have seriously considered them and what they have to offer.
  • You want to show review boards that you are a more suitable applicant than anyone else so only include information that shows this in a positive way. Don’t focus on anything that is negative unless you have managed to turn it around.
  • Tell them your career aims; do you want to follow on to do a Ph.D. and research or do you see yourself getting out in the world as soon as you are qualified?
  • A review board will also look at your personal statement and judge it on its academic maturity. Judging your level and style of proofreading to see if you are able to adapt to the workload which is a lot more in-depth than anything you were asked to produce before. This will include making sure it is free from any errors and that you followed any instructions for word limits. When applying to graduate school, personal statement needs to be perfect so make sure you carry out a proper proofreading check.

Staff at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County tells us

“Your personal statement is pivotal to your graduate school application, so you must allow yourself enough time to revise it thoroughly. When revising, check both the content (Did I address the question? Is there enough detail?) and for technical errors (Is the proofreading clear? Are the mechanics and punctuation correct?). Spell- and grammar-checks are helpful, but do not rely on them exclusively. Read through the essay yourself and have at least three other set of eyes review it as well.”

Let Our Experts Show You How to Proofread a Graduate School Personal Statement

By giving our experts a chance to show you how to proofread a graduate school personal statement, you will be giving yourself the best chance of producing the strongest application package to get that preferred placement. Our experts will help you to understand what information is significant and can give you powerful sample graduate school personal statement which highlight important questions as well as show you the format which will be expected.

For top professional help with how to proofread a graduate school personal statement that will give your proofreading skills a boost and help your application in the best way possible, get in touch with our customer support now.

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