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Ivy League school admissionEver wondered who works the magic behind help proofreading a personal statement? Or how you can hire personal statement editor? This is your chance to learn more about our brilliant proofreaders whose understanding of UCAS application and Ivy League school admission alike is second to none. Get university personal statement help from professional proofreader personal statement and get admissions ready. Proofread like yourself! There is no sense in putting on another persona for your personal statement as who you are will come across in an interview. Be yourself and proofread in a way that is personal to you. This will be more intriguing to an admissions committee – be a little vulnerable.

Be cautious of using opening lines that are particularly inflammatory or very out-there humor. This could get the attention of your reader but perhaps for the wrong reasons! You want to stand out but it is a balance – don’t be offensive!

About Our Personal Statement Proofreaders

So what makes our proofreaders so good? Is it their diversity? Their experience? Their desire to help you? Take a look at the reasons behind why we hire personal statement proofreader and what makes ours so great:

  • Our proofreaders have years of experience in their particular disciplines as well as qualifications and higher education to back up our word about their talents!
  • You can work directly with them throughout the process and enjoy their bounty of knowledge.
  • All communication is done online with your personal statement proofreader making the process quick and easy. You can ask questions or make requests at any time and on any day of the week.
  • Our proofreaders are friendly and enthusiastic. They have been in your position and they want to help you!
  • They will also help you improve work you have already written so you can benefit from their wealth of experience.

What Can Our Personal Statement proofreader Services Offer You?

admission coachOur professional online services, thanks to our personal statement consultant, are second to none. We can offer you a range of high quality, one of a kind and yet affordable services so you can get help proofreading a personal statement or any other application document. Learn what kind of expert services we offer to make your personal statement winning and successful here today:

  • Proofreading: Our examples of a good proofreader for personal statement are a great source of high-quality work for you. Whatever length work you need on whatever topic we are here to help. Our professionals have experience in a variety of areas so we are sure to find one who can help you specifically.
  • Editing: Nobody particularly enjoys editing. Luckily you can hire personal statement editor from us who will have your personal statement looking superb in no time. Enjoy knowing your work is in good hands from start to finish so you never have to worry that your work will be anything but high quality.
  • Proofreading: Who has time for proofreading? You have plenty of other work to be doing and you may not even trust your own grammatical abilities. If this is the case then why not enlist the services of a personal statement consultant who can go through and proofread your work with or without you to iron out any issues. We all know proofreading is important so why not have a professional do it for you?
  • Formatting: One of the most panic-inducing aspects of proofreading a personal statement editing is everyone’s bug bear. Why not hire personal statement editor to make sure your work is perfect. There is no point losing easy marks simply for having the format a little out of place when you can easily enlist the help of an admission coach to sort it out for you. Don’t just tell the admissions committee through your personal statement why they should let you in. You need to prove your worth to them through examples. Include any great qualities you have but make sure you have evidence to back your claims up!

How We Differ from Other Personal Statement Proofreaders

UCAS applicationWe have a lot of competition to contend with in this online industry. This means we have had to spend time developing, improving and extending our online services in order to surpass our competitors. Our determination and team of excellent proofreaders have made us one of the best personal statement proofreaders online. Along with our great services and guarantees, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve which has got us ahead in the online proofreading business.

  • Pricing: Our pricing is affordable and reasonable with many free features (including a plagiarism checker) and additional discounts (including a 20% discount on your first order).
  • Guarantees: We make several guarantees on our work to give you peace of mind including money-back if you aren’t satisfied; top quality of work and adherence to deadlines.
  • Deadlines: We promise to adhere to deadlines whether they are way in the future or you need a quick turnaround on work. Our guarantees include sticking to your deadlines so you will receive money back if work comes late.
  • Support: You will receive support twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week whenever or wherever you need it through email or over the phone.
  • Payment: We offer secure payment online via credit or debit card to ensure your peace of mind. We will also send you a confirmation email to let you know we have received your order form and payment.

Make sure everything you include is relevant to your course. Work experience and volunteering are brilliant to include in your personal statement but no good unless you relate them back to the course you are applying for. You should be showing your excitement about starting your new course rather than dwelling on your previous actions and achievements.

Get the best from our personal statement proofreaders to smash your application!

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